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We are “Global Players” who are able to aggregate, package and distribute your “Audio Video Contents” over all the distribution platforms available in the Broadcasting market with particular attention to individual customer needs.

During recent years, we have been analyzed the broadcast’s market evolution and results confirm that the way to enjoy video contents for end users is changing continually. Priority is the vision of pre-produced video contents such as YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. This means “LIVE Events” are at a disadvantage and this creates a new demand which is different from the past.

Digital platforms require faster deployment processes and have inspired several global-oriented broadcast strategies to keep up with the demand for immediate user content.
We are ready to embrace this new challenge and offer our skills and availability.


#serviceonair #satellite #anywhere in the world. Due to the increase of new media device plays in daily life, we can meet the request of our clients providing the best content in all necessary formats, to reach new audiences wherever and however they watch.

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#network #internet #new communication. Advanced internet communication has been considered the new basic need of today’s modern world.

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MMB 4.0

#contribution #new type distribution #your content in the world. We introduced new services and new performances of communication to give you the best service you reach. Your content are safe with us and you’ll distribute it all over the world.

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MMBTV  provides different satellite coverages and services thanks to its partnerships with the most important satellite operators and teleport worldwide. 

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