We provide to our VSAT clients solutions “Retail”, “Managed Services” and “SCPC links” for Data and Voice applications. 



We’ve noticed that recently there are massive service migrations from pure VSAT to LTE  communications systems which are cheaper and more reliable. 
This affects mainly market segments (i.e.: Maritime) which is changing its cruise routes and keeping closer to the coastlines of small to medium size seas (i.e.: Mediterranean, Red Sea, Aegean), where coverage is very good. This save VSAT costs.
We are now in 4G LTE standard generation. This is the latest version of 4G advertised and is getting close to the speeds required and the standards are set.


Voice over IP low cost globalising for international phone calls, a better relationship through the contact centers, flexibility, privacy and other qualities.


Maritime VSAT broadband links regional and global coverage from the Atlantic Ocean to the Far East through the Mediterranean, Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean using “Satellite Roaming system always ON” both in C and Ku bands.