Direct to Home (DTH) is the traditional way to receive satellite TV channels all over the globe. There is a choice between SD (Standard Definition), HD (High Definition), 4K and UHD (Ultra High Definition) bu using any satellite decoder.

Playout System

The Playout platform is the most used and reliable system that broadcasters adopt to save costs for pre-produced contents and TV Studio production.

Our Playout platform also allows us to handle Live IN feeds coming from satellites or  the internet wich our clients appreciate.

Live Events

We also provide Occasional Use services based on hourly usage via satellite (C band and Ku band) or internet OTT.

This is used a lot for events and the football soccer season.

Teleport Services

We provide our clients with the following Teleport services:

  • Playout
  • VSAT
  • Contents Aggregation and CDN distribution
  • OTT (Unicast).
  • IPTV bouquet “white label”
  • IoS, Android App.